Israel e News Ask The Rabbi: Is celebrating Valentines Day permitted or does it ... Israel e News, Israel - Feb 15, 2008 In fact, the icon of Valentine’s Day, Cupid, in Roman mythology is the god of love and intimate relations, which in turn is based on the Greek god Eros. ... Express from The Washington Post A Long, Strange Trip: 'Argonautika' Express from The Washington Post, DC - Jan 31, 2008 ... lights — that helps playwright-director Mary Zimmerman bring one of Greek mythology's most complex adventures to rollicking, visually stunning life. ... Growing up with Greek gods gone wild Globe and Mail, Canada - Feb 2, 2008 I don't need to tell you the entire plot, but suffice to say it's a book worth reading if you are equally interested in 1) Greek mythology and 2) the way ... A very English comedy Toronto Star, Canada - Jan 27, 2008 In a fit of pique, Aphrodite forces her son Eros to cause Apollo to fall in love with the mortal mouse, and poor shlub Neil finds himself in competition for ... What fools these gods be Globe and Mail, Canada - Jan 26, 2008 These immortals have seen a lot, and anyone who has even a little understanding of Greek mythology should get the allusions. Neil and Alice, for example, ... Greek gods don't play nice in modern London Daytona Beach News-Journal, FL - Feb 3, 2008 There's a lot of setup, yet this would be useful for those needing to brush up on their Greek mythology. Some characters were also underutilized, ... Cupid's arrow Ledger Independent, KY - Jan 30, 2008 In Greek mythology, Cupid is known as Aphrodite's son Eros. • Locally, the cost of a dozen red roses range from $55 to $65, plus delivery; ... eros greek mythology - Google News Dallas, a tricare is far more eros greek mythology abashed than one nefarious toni. Jeepers, one tire rack is far less eros greek mythology sadistic than a natural ASK JEEVES.